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About Us

Passionate Filmmaking Process

Serving since 2017, Swan Studio consists of a bunch of experienced film-makers that grow the values throughout the years. These passionate souls wrap creativity and innovation into mind-bending movies.


We create movies that inspire growth for the Industries, and take quantum-leap through digital channels.

Our Works


Tells the story of Galang (Elang El Gibran) who is invited to accompany his sister, Maryam (Laras Sardi) to watch an underground music concert. Maryam introduced the new band AXFIKSIA to Galang.

Production Service

Our Expertise: Production To All Intents And Purposes

To articulate your vision reality, we ensure the production process runs smoothly with our more than 30 years experienced production team.



Our Clients

Post-Production Service

Our Expertise: Seamless Post-Production Process

Without enhancing or decreasing colors in an image, the message within the story can change. We believe that the color and tone of a film are one of the important elements in giving meaning to a story. At Swan Post, our team of colorists will work with you to make your vision a reality.

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