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SWAN STUDIO was created by Amanda Iswan and Syaiful Wathan in 2017 to provide a creative laboratory that served the ABC of movie production and film-making. This is primarily accomplished through a bunch of experienced film-makers that grow the values throughout the industry. 


Just like it has in any other industry, In 2021, SWAN STUDIO opened Post Production with more focus on color grading. It was made to achieve the first Dolby Vision Certified in Indonesia and using the latest HDR technology to exaggerate the way movies get made, the editing process, and also enhance the audience experience.

At SWAN STUDIO, we are aware that this industry is expanding to more diverse audience touchpoints. That is why we create movies that inspire growth for the industries and take a quantum leap through digital channels similar to Netflix, Viu, YouTube, and any other digital touchpoints.


Through several programs and partnerships, SWAN STUDIO provides production and post-production services. Established in South Jakarta-Indonesia, SWAN STUDIO consistently supports the Industry through inspiring movies that challenge the audience’s mind.

Know Our Passionate Team

Amanda Iswan


Since her tender Age, Mandy always wanted to be a film director when she grew up. Mandy started her directorial debut in a movie entitled Zeta: When The Dead Awaken (2019). Her best interest is always related to creative fields including book writing and art crafting.

Syaiful Wathan


Known as a long intrigued professional in the Indonesian film industry, Ipul has more than 20 years of experience in film-making. Launching his career as a Line Producer, he was involved in 25++ movies including Catatan Akhir Sekolah (2003), Pencarian Terakhir (2007), Headshot (2015), Filosofi Kopi 2 (2017), and many more. He also plays rock-guitar in his spare time.

Raisa Hillary


Raisa has been largery involved in various fields of work since she was in Senior High School, from organizing events, becoming radio announcer, establishing an NGO, until becoming a hairdresser. These experiences have made Raisa easily agile during film-making. In 2018, she met Syaiful Wathan and join his production department as production assistant. In the same year, she started her carreer at Swan Studio. She also read books, play games, and cooks in her spare time.

M. Rifki Zakir


The team called him Oki, he was an intern in a well-known bank in Indonesia. Then he tried the F & B industry as a Quality Control staff. As he has always been good with money and management, at the end of 2021, he joined Swan Studio as Finance Manager. He hangs out and does sports quite often on his day off.

Miftahul Rizki​


Known as Iki or Yuku, he entered the industry in 2016. He tried many roles such as a loader, DIT, and assistant offline editor. He joined Swan Studio in late 2021 as an assistant colorist. His best interest besides the movie industry is playing music.

Toto Sugiarto


In 2013, Toto migrated to Jakarta to enter the world of film production and started his profession working part-time as PU. Toto then worked on several film titles, and over time, Toto finally became a Production Runner to this day. In his spare time Toto enjoys playing badminton and table tennis.

M. Abdul Ghofur

Production Runner

Starting his career in the industry, in 2012 Gofur began with production equipment guard in the movie industry. Then he tried to work at an audio equipment company before joining Swan Studio team in 2017 as general assistant. He plays soccer a lot in his spare time.

Our Office

Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan Kby. No.43, RT.3/RW.4, Kramat Pela, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12130, Indonesia

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